Software tools you'll need for this course

Our training environment this year will be hosted on Amazon Web Services‎ (AWS). On the first day, we will provide you with the necessary information to use this training environment. You do not have to install any software.

If you prefer to install a local version of the software to be used, most of the software tools you will need within this course are available as a single Docker container (ADACS-Training). The container is based on Ubuntu 16.04. It contains the following software modules:

  • MySQL Server + Employees Sample Database
  • git
  • OpenMPI
  • Anaconda2 (4.2.0)
  • Emacs

Day 1 - Introduction to Python

Day 2 - Visualization, SQL, and Source Control

Day 3 - Cloud and Distributed Computing

HPC/Data Support

We will run an HPC/ Data Science support desk during the last day of the school (Wednesday the 8th February). Bring you data/compute problems to discuss with our team of experts. (more details will be announced soon)

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